Consultancy Outputs

Inclusive education policy review 2017: DRC, Kathmandu University School of Arts

Equity Index (Education) 2016. In use by the Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal and UNICEF-Nepal. Worked as an equity index technical expert from September 2015 to March 2016 (6 months).

Research Paper 2016. Determinants of Promotion for Grade One Students in Jumla and Dang. World Education- Nepal.

Research Report 2017. Impact Analysis of the Events in 2015/16 on Nepal’s School Sector. NIRT-Nepal.

Published Works

Poudyal, N., Baral, N. and Asah, S.T. (2016). Wolf Lethal Control and Livestock Depredations: Counter-Evidence from Correctly Specified Models. PLOS ONE.

Poudyal, N., Baral, N. and Pokharel, M. (2015). Learning in the public sector organizations: Evaluation of the SSA Title IV-E intervention program of Virginia of Social Services. Journal of Public Management and Social Policy​​​. Volume 22 (3).

Poudyal, N. and Basyal, D. (2018). Revisiting the Relationship Between E-government and Corruption: An Empirical Study Based on Heterogeneous Panel Data Model, Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy.

Poudyal, N. (2014). Myths of Economic Consequences of Maoists Civil War in Nepal, GCM Journal of Management and Development Studies. 2. Kathmandu.

Poudyal, N. (2007). Rates Determining Nepalese Foreign Trade. 2(1). HARD-NEPAL, Kathmandu.

Poudyal, N. (2007). Human Development: Measurement and Determinants. 1(1). HARD-NEPAL, Kathmandu

Software Published

Poudyal, N. (2013). R: Student’s t Vector Autoregression (StVAR). R Foundation for Statistical Computing, Vienna, Austria: Version 1.

Poudyal, N. (2016). R: Student’s t Vector Autoregression (StVAR). R Foundation for Statistical Computing, Vienna, Austria: Version 2.

Working Papers

Poudyal, N., Baral, N. S Asah ST. (2018). What leads to misrepresentation of the wolf lethal control and livestock depredations relationship? (Under Review)

Poudyal, N. and Micheal,M. (2016). VaR estimation using StVAR model, Virgina Tech working paper.

Poudyal, N. and Spanos, A. (2015). Model Validation and DSGE Modeling. Virginia Tech working paper. (Under Review)

Spanos, A. and Poudyal, N. (2014). Theory Testing in Economics: Revisiting the CAPM. Virginia Tech working paper.

Poudyal, N. (2013). Multivariate Student’s t Dynamic Models. Working Paper.

Poudyal, N. (2013). Confronting theory with data: the case of DSGE modeling. Virginia Tech

working paper.

Non-refered Articles

Poudyal, N., Banskota, M. and Khadka, D. (2018), Disability in Nepal: Taking Stock and Forging a Way Forward, World Disability Summit Nepal Paper.

Poudyal, N., Banskota, M., Khadka, P.,K. and Khadka, D. (2017). Exploring MIS and Service Delivery for Persons with Disability: Feedback from Service Providers and Users, Disability Research Center, Kathmandu University.

Poudyal, N., Banskota, M. and Khadka, D. (2016). Disability Atlas Nepal. Disability Research Center, Kathmandu University.

Poudyal, N. et al., (2016). Persons with Disability in Nepal. Disability Research Center, Kathmandu University.

Poudyal, N. et al., (2016). What Predicts Visual Disability? Persons with Disability in Nepal. Disability Research Center, Kathmandu University.

Poudyal, N. (2006). Econometrics: A Tool of Analysis, VISION OF ECOSS. 4(3),Central  Department of Economics, TU, Kirtipur.

Poudyal, N. (2005). Confusion of Inequality Constraints. VISION OFECOSS. 2-3(2) , Central Department of Economics, TU, Kirtipur.

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